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Non-equilibrium thermodynamics
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  • Chapter "Applied Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics" by Signe Kjelstrup and Dick Bedeaux in the book "Applied Thermodynamics of Fluids" by A. R. H. Goodwin, J. V. Sengers, C. J. Peters, editors, The Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, 2010

  • Video course on the book "Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics for Engineers"

  • Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics for Engineers,
    S. Kjelstrup, D. Bedeaux, E. Johannessen, J. Gross; World Scientific 2010.
    - Review in J. Non-Equilib. Thermodyn. 37 (2012), 199-204 by Peter Ván, Department of Theoretical Physics, KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, PO Box 49, 1525 Budapest; and Department of Energy Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Bertalan Lajos u. 4-6, 1111, Budapest, Hungary.
    - Review in J.Non-Equilib. Thermodyn. 14 (2009) 153-154 by D. Tondeur, Université de Lorraine at NANCY, NANCY, France

  • Non-equilibrium thermodynamics for heterogeneous surfaces,
    Signe Kjelstrup and Dick Bedeaux, World Scientific, March 2008.
    It gives an update on our work on surfaces. Errata.
    - Review 1 in J.Non-Equilib. Thermodyn. 34 (2009) 93-96 by P. Van, Department of Theoretical Physics, Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, Budapest, Hungary
    - Review 2, Americal Mathematical Society (2009) by Christian Dogbé

  • Elements of Irreversible Thermodynamics for Engineers,
    Signe Kjelstrup and Dick Bedeaux; Int. Center of Applied Thermodynamics, Istanbul, Turkey, 2000, ISBN: 975-97568-1-1
    - revised and extended 2nd edition with Eivind Johannessen; Tapir 2006. ISBN: 82-519-2128-7
    - obtainable from tapirforlag.no: choose "Nettbutikk" and click English flag (if you need it).
    The book can be found by searching on the authors names at link

  • Optical Properties of Surfaces,
    Dick Bedeaux and Jan Vlieger, Imperial College Press, London, 2002
    - second and revised edition 2004

  • Irreversible thermodynamics. Theory and Applications.
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    - translated to Japanese by Y. Ito, T. Ikeshoji, Y.Tomii and T. Okada, published 1992
    - reprinted by Wiley 1994, reprinted by Tapir 2001
    - translated to Chinese by Q.Xu, printed by Metallurgical Press of China 2001

  • Onsager Collected Works,
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